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About us

At Le Bocal, we take food seriously. We take flour seriously, it makes bread. We take fruits seriously, they make wine. We take butter seriously, it makes croissants. Wait, how did you know we were French?


Our obsession:
After a couple of years in Vancouver, we came to a keen observation: we missed mouth-watering French desserts, we missed baking with good ingredients easily available, and a lot of our Canadian friends missed out on the whole thing.

It's now up to us to change lives and make it easy to bake delicate French cakes and pastries from our Canadians home. That's why Le Bocal presents to you ready-to-bake pastry mixes with clear and easy instructions, so that everyone can discover and enjoy our favorite recipes just the way they are supposed to be: homemade.

Whether you are an enthusiast baker looking for inspiration, or a rookie who just wants a gooooood dessert from home, we got you. 

financier coffee kitsilano

Local: Each and every Bocal is prepared by hand in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Although our inspiration comes from our founder's and Chefs' French roots, we strive to source our products locally whenever possible and promote local businesses with a sustainable approach. 

chocolate hazelnuts flour sugar fondant

Good and organic products: We believe in sourcing the best ingredients and not saving on quality. Our flours and sugars are 100% organic, and we look for the best ingredients for every recipe. We encourage you to also add organic products to our Bocal preps! You will feel the difference in the taste! And also, we believe that we are what we eat... even if it means some of us are about 50% Chocolate Fondant. Oups!


Comments? We can always improve. Shoot us an email at and we will take all your feedback, ideas, wishes into consideration